Charcoal Drawing Tips for That Bold Creation

unduhan-20The thing about charcoal drawing which differentiates it from other media of drawings, like pencil shading, brush work, or mechanical pen shading, is that it gives a very soft and subtle effect. Also, a charcoal sketch does not fade away with time, if cared for properly. You will see many portraits or drawings done by charcoal, as a soft drawing technique is required for portraits, which is naturally present in it. Drawing with charcoal is not difficult, but if you wish to do detailed drawings, then you need to practice different skills to get the proportions and shapes properly.

Required Materials

› Primarily, you need charcoal sticks and paper for this art form, both of which come in different varieties.
› Select a paper with a thick texture so that erasing or rubbing does not tear it.
› You can buy vine uncompressed charcoal, also known as willow charcoal, or use compressed charcoal that looks like graphite and comes in a pencil or stick form with soft or hard shapes.
› A good white eraser and kneaded eraser are also required to create tones

Tattoos for Couples That Will Keep the Spark Alive

unduhan-19The places of the getting a tattoo is entirely up to the couple, but sometimes, choosing the correct design is crucial. Heart tattoos are the most common ones for all couples. The butterfly heart tattoo like this one is rather attractive and intimate.

The simplest and most attractive way of displaying any of the ones above is by etching half of the heart on your inner wrist and the other half on your partner’s wrist, which will only make sense if you join your hands. It is a perfect way of saying you’ve given a part of your heart to your beloved.

“Love For Music” Tattoos

If music has brought you together, there is nothing like commemorating your love by getting inked with your favorite musical instrument or music notes.

If you do not like to scream out your love for each other, opting for tattoos with music notes of your favorite songs or simply all the sweet nothings that only the two of you are aware of, will do the trick.

Matching Tattoos

Calligraphy gives you an option express your love and a short and sweet manner. The Chinese and the

Glass Painting Designs and Useful Tips to Create Them

unduhan-21Have you ever walked into a church and been spell-bound by the stained glass windows? These widows with light streaming are extremely successful in creating a rainbow like effect. The artistic delights innervate your mind and soul and make you appreciate the beauty that the effect of the stained glass creates. Glass painting is a technique of art that can be traced back many centuries. Do you know how these paintings are created? To create a glass painting, the artist paints on the inside surface of glass with hard resin and oil. This technique of glass painting is also known as reverse glass painting. No one can ever deny the fact that this creates stained glass that is beautiful in its clarity and the palette of colors used is only enhanced in appearance.

The beginning of glass painting originated in Europe and by the 15th century it was considered to be a classical art form. The beauty of glass painting lies in the fact that it allows the painter to play with form and dimension. If you take a look at different Indian designs used in glass paintings, then this expressiveness

Ways to Simplify the Art of Writing a Sonnet

Did You Know?
The credit for inventing a sonnet goes to the 13th century Sicilian poet Giacomo Da Lentini, who served as a notary at the court of Frederick II.
The sonnet, a traditional form of poetry, originated in Italy, some time during the 13th century CE. The word “sonnet” is derived from the Italian word sonetto, which literally means “a little poem”. It is a very lyrical kind of poetry with a fixed rhyme scheme, and a subtle, rhythmic meter. As the popularity of the sonnet grew across the world with the passage of time, this form of poetry was adopted in many other countries with numerous famous poets working on it. Consequently, the sonnet evolved, and as we can see from many of the later creations of English, American, and even Urdu poets, we can say that it matured as well.

While writing poetry, special emphasis is almost always laid on its rhyme and rhythm so that it becomes more appealing for the reader. Learning to sonnet would be a good way to make the ‘traditional’ and the ‘modern’ meet―you can stick to the traditional rules of writing a sonnet, while making use of the modern words,

Tips to Help You Master the Art of Glass Painting

Glass painting is a remarkable form of art, comprising gorgeous synthetic colors done up on glass. The combination of glass and paints gives the painting an ethereal appeal. Glass painting is very interesting to do. Glass painting kits contain an outliner, which is meant to keep the different shades of glass paints in place. One can either unleash one’s creativity and paint freehand, or else use templates. Four main types of paints are available for glass painting: stained glass paint, vinegar trace paint, matte paint and silver paint. Each type is meant for a specific purpose. For example, if one wishes to include a variety of colors on the piece of glass, then the stained glass paint is suitable. Vinegar glass paints are appropriate when one wants to add a tint of color. However, these vinegar paints are quite sticky! For painting a clear glass vase or bowls, one can use silver paint, as it adds a hint of silver, thereby giving a translucent effect to the painting. Matte paint, on the other hand is useful when one wants complete coverage without translucent aspects.

Glass Painting Instructions and Tips

Glass painting is quite easy to learn, and can be done

Ideas to Master the Art of Creating Monumental Anthologies

If you have ever thought about making an anthology of essays or stories on a similar theme for potential publication, perhaps you thought it might be easier than writing your own book on a topic. If you have attempted to put together an anthology, you know it is much more difficult than it looks. Either way, if you think you might want to publish an anthology, there are a few things you should know before you get started.

Selecting a Theme
The first thing you need to do if you think you want to compile an anthology is select a theme. Your theme should be interesting enough that you will grab readers and writers without too much work. Think of things going on in your life or in the lives of others about which people have interesting things to say. Think of something, also, that hasn’t been overdone, or that has a new twist. You should also be sure to make your topic narrow enough, so that you know what types of essays you will get, but broad enough that every essay doesn’t sound the same.

Finding Writers
The first thing you want to do, before writing a

How to Help You Perfect Sand Sculpting and Sand Art

Sand art and sculpting have become very popular in recent times. It remains to be an activity that has caught the fancy of children and adults alike. Take a stroll down any sandy shore, and you can see people reveling in festivities and celebrating sand sculpture and art festivals. This is where we can see budding talent all geared up to go beyond the ordinary in crafting their creations. This art has gone beyond magnificent castles with soaring towers. Today, the mere combinations of sand and water have gone complex with the various creative forms of sand sculptures being constructed by people for their sheer love of this art form. Myrtle Beach proudly showcases the world’s tallest and longest sand castle ever constructed. People have created masterpieces through sand sculpting. From prominent figures to cars, castles with moats, and fantasy lands, the themes are endless.

Tips to Build the Perfect Sand Sculpture/Castle

Before you begin the sculpture, you must first ensure you have the right tools. Ensure you have packed a long-handled shovel and a bucket. Try to include chisels, spatulas, apple corers, spoons, ice cream sticks, knives, and pastry brushes. The main idea is to improvise on the items

Canvas Painting Ideas

If canvas painting seems like an activity that you would like to try your hand at, then it is important that you keep the following tips in mind. These will help you start the art of painting, without making the blunders that most people tend to make when they start painting. For your convenience, we have divided the tips into three sections―the tips that you will need to use before you start working on your art work, those that you can use while painting, and the things you need to keep in mind after you are done with the painting.

Before Starting the Painting
The tips that have been given here are some things that you should definitely keep in mind before you start on your canvas painting. These tips are in no particular order or sequence.

  • One of the first things that you will need to decide on is the kind of canvas you should choose to paint on. There are a variety of canvases available in the market like canvas boards, rolled canvas, canvas mats and even stretch canvas. Depending on the kind of painting you want to make and also what your comfort level is,

Warm-up Art Called Gesture Drawing Ideas

The method of gesture drawing is used by artists to loosen up, just like athletes warm up before a game. In this form, one has to quickly sketch things he has already seen. Such kind of drawing is generally completed within 10-30 seconds. Using gesture drawing for animation and general sketching is common. This activity helps in creating drawings quickly by analyzing the objects. Let us understand more about this technique through the paragraphs below.

A form of drawing which depicts action or movement is known as gesture drawing. Presenting a human figure in motion can also be termed as gesture drawing. It is the depiction of character/essence of what one observes. The activity of portraying motion through gesture helps depict the relation between forms/objects with their surroundings.

A simple, step-by-step and easy-to-understand procedure of making a gestural drawing is given below.

  • The object to be drawn should be placed in front and observed properly.
  • A charcoal (about 1-1½) should be used for drawing. One should just glance at the paper occasionally while drawing.
  • The process of drawing should be a continuous one. The general shape of object, important curves, angles, etc. should be sketched quickly in order to get an

Tips Stylish Nail Art Designs

For creating nail art designs, you do not require manicured hands, however, make sure that your nails are clean, healthy and evenly shaped. Today, the stores are flooded with all sorts of nail polishes and acrylic paints suited for nail art designs. Acrylic paints not only help you create remarkable designs, but are also cheaper than nail polish. You could use toothpicks to create tiny dots and fine designs.
Besides, you will also need some fine tip brushes to paint the designs. Glitter is also widely used to make nail art look even more attractive and decorative. However, don’t forget to keep a bottle of pure acetone to wipe off the polish in case of any errors. You will also require an acrylic top coat, which is to be applied once the nail art design is complete. This top coat will keep your nails shiny and glossy for several days.

Halloween is the time of skulls, bones, Jack-O-Lanterns, fire, ghosts, vampires, skeletons and scores of other spooky characters. So why not have them as nail art designs? For creating Halloween nail art designs, you should take black varnish and apply it onto your nails as the base color. Apply

How to Selling Watercolor Paintings Online

Painting is not just a hobby; for some people, it acts as a therapy, whereas for others, it is a full-fledged profession. This is one such activity that relaxes your mind, body, and soul, and gives you complete freedom to express yourself in your own way. Painting something using any medium, be it oil, acrylic, watercolors, poster colors, batik, or even pastels or crayons, can transport you to a different place in your mind. The fine art of watercolor painting has seen its share of transitions. It is loved by some people and not so loved by others, but it still remains popular. The following paragraphs provide more information about this art form.

Basics for Beginners

Watercolor painting is a great way to express your creative talent. If you are a beginner, then there are many resources you must be equipped with, which will help you get started. This technique is a bit tricky to master. If you have that creative spark in you, then you first need to get your supplies ready. The following are the items that you will need.

You need a good set of brushes that include flat brushes, round ones, and oval ones. Check hobby stores

Tips to Motivate Yourself and Fine Tune the Art

Self motivation is the inspiration for your behavior and actions. It helps you to reach your goal, without external influence. It improves your confidence and self-esteem, as well as gives you strength to achieve your goal.

Self motivation is important in every aspect of your life, be it career, social life, relationship, health and fitness, spirituality or personality development. Firstly, you must find out what motivates you. Some people may get motivated by influential people, while, some by reading inspirational books, stories or poems. Self motivation is a very efficient method. Reading motivational books will inspire you temporarily. If you can motivate yourself, you do not have to depend on any external factors. Self motivation is the best inspirational technique.
Tips to Motivate Yourself


“You have to dream before your dreams can come true.”
― A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

You need to have a dream, a goal in mind that you have to achieve. You must have observed how obsessed great men are with their dreams. Everyone is aware of Martin Luther King, Jr’s famous speech, ‘I Have A Dream’. Only when you have a dream, you will be determined to follow it and make it real.

Make concrete plans

“A goal

Sketching Tips for Beginners

Sketching is an art form, enjoyed by people of all age groups. You can begin sketching at any age. It will give you an opportunity to sharpen your creative skills. It is not very expensive as a hobby, as you just need a pencil and a paper. It is not a very difficult skill to learn. You can start sketching by looking at some objects, or you can do so with the help of your imagination. It may be easy to copy work of other artists, but you should not do that, because you are depriving your creative skills from getting developed up to its potential.

Sketching Tips for Kids

➺ Always use good quality pencils and paper. For any good quality sketch, these two are the most important things required. Otherwise, you will not get the kind of end result you were looking for.
➺ Sit in a place where there is enough sunlight, or a room with a full spectrum light. If you are a right-handed person make sure that the light comes from the left side.
➺ The first step of sketching for kids is drawing simple lines. The lines could be curved, crossed, straight, or scribbled.

Guide to Do Ombre Nail Art at Home

Ombre nails may seem tough and unachievable on your own, but the truth is, anyone can create these gorgeous-looking mani right at home. The only tip to remember is the selection of the nail polish colors. Even though different shades from the same color family are complementing, using contrasting colors gives a more vibrant effect.

But before we do that, you need a base color for your mani. You can apply …

  • white polish; the colors you apply over it will pop.
  • nude polish; it will give your mani a subtle pop.
  • lightest polish of the ombre mani colors.

Once you have selected the colors, the next few steps are to clean and trim your nails, push back the cuticles, wipe every fingernail with cotton balls dipped in the polish remover, and apply the base coat. After this, select either of the 3 ombre manicure styles from below.

Ombre Nails – Style 1

Step 1 – First, we will gather all the necessary items required for the nail art―polish remover, cotton swabs, square or triangle makeup sponge, black and red nail polish, clear nail polish, and a glass of water.

Step 2 – Apply 2 coats of (RED OR PINK) nail polish

Nail Art Design Ideas to Celebrate Creatively

Letters to Juliet
Did you know that each year, on Valentine’s Day, thousands of people write letters to Juliet and send it to Verona? The letters mostly contain an individual’s questions, doubts, and/or opinions for Juliet about their love life.
The first step to gorgeous-looking nails is a good-quality nail polish, because everything else can come after that. It’s tough to create any type of nail art if you begin with thick, gluggy polish, right? So, in order to sport a sexy and attention-grabbing mani, you have to finalize a design that’ll do just that. You don’t need complicated designs that take hours to finish. With our gorgeous collection of 21 simple, yet elegant Valentine’s day nail art ideas, we guarantee that if paired with your outfit for the night, the combination will blow his socks off.

Nail Art with Hearts
It may be a cliché for some women, but a mani for Valentine’s Day gets a little extra love with gorgeous designs made with hearts. You can go with the classic combination of red and gold nails, but this year, we thought to give other colors a chance. Yes, red is one of the more popular

Easy Nail Art Designs

Do you like colors? Do you like to wear colorful accessories or clothes that reflect your mood? Then try out some nail art. There are so many ways to paint your nail into different designs and colors, however, you need to maintain a little neatness while painting your nails.

How to do Easy Nail Art?
Here are the step-by-step instructions, that you need to use while creating nail art.

  • First paint all the nails with a base coat, which can be a light color that can be shades of pink, blue, green or black. Let this base coat dry completely, before applying the second coat.
  • Now, decide what nail art do you want to paint. If you have your own ideas of nail art in mind, then draw them on a notepad with colored pencils. You can find pictures of simple nail art designs online for free. If you can’t get any ideas, then refer to the list of simple nail art designs ideas mentioned in the second part of this article.
  • Then use a nail art pen and fill up the pen with colors of your choice, or colors which go with a particular theme. On the base coat

How to Tribal Nail Art Design

Getting your nails done at the salon can be expensive; not to mention time-consuming. Of course, doing them at home does take a considerable amount of time, but it does give you the opportunity to work on the nails whenever you want. And with tribal nail art, you don’t necessarily have to visit a salon every time. Within the comforts of your home, it is quite easy, although slightly laborious to get the nails ready.

So, to help you get started and provide some inspiration, we have compiled a collection of 12 different tribal nail art designs for short and long nails. Also, as you go through the article, you will also find a step-by-step tutorial. Pick one design or go for them all, but start painting your nails now.

Tribal Pattern Nail Art

The best thing about doing these designs is their flexibility, and the ability to customize them the way you want. Depending on the colors and designs you like, you can try doodling the patterns on a piece of paper before you paint your nails.

|◄ ►|

How to Do Tribal Nail Art

Now that you have quite a few designs, you must be getting restless and would want to start

Fascinatingly Interesting Facts About Green Soap

Rooted in Spain
Castile soap was one of the most primitive vegetable soaps. It has its origin in the Castile region of Spain, where soap was manufactured from olive oil.
With every passing day, our environment is becoming more polluted due to irreversible changes, resulting from the mindless actions on the part of humans. This rapid addition of pollutants to the environment is certainly taking a toll on mankind. Moreover, the tendency to manufacture things with high chemical content is again posing greater threats upon us. In today’s fast-paced world, we seldom think before making use of chemically obtained products, primarily because they provide us with instant results, and of course, they save us from the turmoil of undergoing a lengthy procedure to get their natural substitutes.

One of the most visible side-effects of choosing chemically obtained products is skin damage. Skin damage has wreaked havoc in perhaps everyone’s life at one time or the other. Soaps are part of daily-use by all and sundry. But, it’s pertinent to know about the substances that are used in imparting those catchy colors to the soaps, not to forget the enticing aroma they impart. These are all obtained from tough chemical

Grim Reaper Tattoo Designs to Go Intense and Offbeat

Did You Know?
Kenyon Lee Martin, the famous American basketball player has a Grim Reaper tattoo on his left shoulder. In his tattoo, the reaper is holding a basketball. According to him, the tattoo signifies that he fears no one in the game and that, “Kenyon Martin is the place layups go to die”, as quoted by him in an interview with The Enquirer.
Death, especially the doubt whether there is life after death or not, remains a mystery that humanity keeps pondering about. Grim reaper tattoos are for people who have accepted death as a reality of life and respect it as the ultimate leveler. Personally, I have always been intrigued with this symbolism of the reaper as a messenger of impending doom and a manifestation of death itself. Today, tattoo designs featuring the death messenger have become increasingly popular among tattoo lovers who like to symbolize their beliefs through their body.

The grim reaper is always shown as a cloaked figure with a skull for a face, bony hands, and a scythe, with which he reaps the ‘harvest of souls’. This is one of the most primordial symbol of death. He is the very manifestation of the

Tattoo Design Ideas

What’s in a name?
Your favorite characters from the series may have had a different name altogether: Hermione Puckle, Neville Puff, Draco Spinks, Lily Moon, Madhari Patil, and Mati Patil.
The journey we all embarked along with Harry Potter is irreplaceable. We didn’t just become Potterheads, but also lived our lives vicariously through all the different characters. The world of magic became our world, and Hogwarts felt like home. For HP fans all across the world, being this involved wasn’t a matter of obsession; it was a necessity.

So, why not channelize the desire to carry on the legacy of our beloved story? By getting a HP tattoo, you’re not only proclaiming your love and affection for the series, but are also immortalizing it. With hundreds of tattoo designs and ideas to choose from, we thought about giving you inspiration to get one for yourself. Here are 13 amazing tattoo designs for Harry Potter fans.
Cool Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas
It may seem next to impossible to narrow down your options of getting the tattoo. But remember, whichever design you choose, the story we love will live on you forever.
Hogwarts Crest Tattoo

Harry Potter Tattoos on Fingers

Harry Potter Quotes