Tattoos for Couples That Will Keep the Spark Alive

unduhan-19The places of the getting a tattoo is entirely up to the couple, but sometimes, choosing the correct design is crucial. Heart tattoos are the most common ones for all couples. The butterfly heart tattoo like this one is rather attractive and intimate.

The simplest and most attractive way of displaying any of the ones above is by etching half of the heart on your inner wrist and the other half on your partner’s wrist, which will only make sense if you join your hands. It is a perfect way of saying you’ve given a part of your heart to your beloved.

“Love For Music” Tattoos

If music has brought you together, there is nothing like commemorating your love by getting inked with your favorite musical instrument or music notes.

If you do not like to scream out your love for each other, opting for tattoos with music notes of your favorite songs or simply all the sweet nothings that only the two of you are aware of, will do the trick.

Matching Tattoos

Calligraphy gives you an option express your love and a short and sweet manner. The Chinese and the Japanese Calligraphy have myriad characters to choose from. For instance, you can get a tattoo of a character meaning “Love” and you partner can complete it by engraving “All”.

Religious symbols are also the most preferred tattoo designs by couples where they stand for the solemn promise that you’ve made until death does you apart. Every religion has a symbol which signifies a meaningful bond such as in Christianity, a tattoo of a Cross portrays your belief in God and in each another.

Yin and Yang Tattoos

Chinese philosophy states that Yin and Yang are opposites in nature, and when they attract each other, they result in formation of the 5 elements that created the universe. If you and your partner, “complete each other”, etch this tattoo, as there’s no yin without yang and vice versa.

There is no strict positioning for Yin and Yang tattoos, so, be free to experiment , go wild, and make it unique!

Zodiac Tattoos

If you believe they’re destined to be together; that the stars and the planets align themselves to unite two people who are made for each other, go ahead and get Zodiac tattoos etched.

Getting a tattoo of your partner’s zodiac sign is the perfect way to profess your love, especially, if both of you are of the type who believe in cardinal signs, and agree that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Lock and Key Tattoos

Getting a heart-shaped lock-and-key tattoo is a unique way of showing how well you are bonded with each other. This tattoo is quite self-explanatory, though mysterious and cryptic in its own way.

One of the various aspects of heart-shaped lock-and-key tattoos is ‘love’, and if you’re inspired by the famous line “Owing key to one’s heart”, this tattoo pair is made for you. Symbolizing love between two individuals, you can get inked by a key and your better half can go for the matching lock (not necessarily a heart-shaped one).

Anchor Tattoos

If you’re looking for a tattoo implying or encouraging you to “stay grounded”, anchor tattoo is the perfect choice. Having its roots in Christianity, it also symbolizes sacrifice, salvation, and stability.

You can always give a personalized touch to anchor tattoos by engraving your partner’s name, his/her birthday or by mentioning any special date or a memorable event.

If you have made up your mind to have a couple tattoo, do consider one of the ideas listed above, or come up with your own innovative tattoo design that will make your partner go weak in the knees. Make sure the tattoo appeals to both of you and that you won’t regret having the tattoo done in any circumstances.

Glass Painting Designs and Useful Tips to Create Them

unduhan-21Have you ever walked into a church and been spell-bound by the stained glass windows? These widows with light streaming are extremely successful in creating a rainbow like effect. The artistic delights innervate your mind and soul and make you appreciate the beauty that the effect of the stained glass creates. Glass painting is a technique of art that can be traced back many centuries. Do you know how these paintings are created? To create a glass painting, the artist paints on the inside surface of glass with hard resin and oil. This technique of glass painting is also known as reverse glass painting. No one can ever deny the fact that this creates stained glass that is beautiful in its clarity and the palette of colors used is only enhanced in appearance.

The beginning of glass painting originated in Europe and by the 15th century it was considered to be a classical art form. The beauty of glass painting lies in the fact that it allows the painter to play with form and dimension. If you take a look at different Indian designs used in glass paintings, then this expressiveness can be observed with great clarity. There are different types of paints used for glass painting which include vinegar trace paints, matte paints, silver stains, and oil paints. An artist who indulges in painting on glass will generally use an etching of some sort in order to create glass paintings of flowers, landscapes, and other features. Ahead in this article, we tell you the basic steps involved in creating a glass painting and give you some easy designs.

Tips for Creating Glass Paintings
Glass painting is a beautiful art and it is actually not very difficult to try. Of course, it may take some time of concentrated practice for you to be able to create masterpieces that are fit to be hung up in churches, there are always easy designs you can use. Before you start painting glass, keep this simple tips in mind.

◆ As a beginner it is always tempting to create your first piece of art on a beautiful glassware but avoid doing so. Try your hand out on small squares of glass before moving on to create more intricate designs on more expensive types of glass.

◆ First you will need to decide on the kind of glass painting you want to create. This will help you decide the kind of paints you should work with. If you do not want to work with paints, you can buy glass paint pens that are available at many stores.

◆ If you are working with acrylic paints, then glass painting tips dictate that you choose the brushes you are going to use next. The logic for this remains the same as the logic you would apply to normal painting. Use wide brushes for broad, wide strokes and fine brushes for detailing. Use sponge for textured surfaces.

◆ You should have ideally chosen the design you want to work with by now. While choosing glass painting design ideas as a beginner, choose simple designs like floral designs or geometrical designs. Do not jump straight into designs that are detailed and intricate in nature. Draw the design on paper so that you can stick it to the reverse of the glass and then etch out the design.

◆ Before starting the glass painting process, ensure that the piece of glass you are using is squeaky clean. Clean it with white vinegar as it will ensure that there are no streaks or residue. It will also help remove any kind of fingerprint or dirt that can spoil the design.
◆ Once you have learned how to make stained glass and created the glass painting design you wanted to, then learn to handle the same with care. Once it has dried, apply a coat of a sealant. If you want to clean it use only mild soapy water and a damp cloth.

These are some of the simple tips that you should definitely keep in mind while painting on glass. Given below are some easy designs for glass painting that you can use.

Designs for Glass Painting
Now that you are aware of the glass painting technique that you need to use in order to make glass paintings, let us take a look at the different ideas that you can use for painting glass. All the ideas given here are easy to recreate and the perfect stepping stone for a beginner to start glass painting.

Squares and Stripes
The easiest of all designs to emulate are geometric shapes like rectangles, squares, stripes, etc. Take a piece of glass and clean it thoroughly. Now take different pieces of masking tape and cut it into tiny rectangular or square pieces. Now tape them to the reverse of your glass. Now use your glass paints to paint the area taped with masking tape in different colors. Once the paint is dry, remove the pieces of tape and reverse the glass. You will have a beautiful piece of stained glass.

Swirls and Circles
To paint directly on glass is to create a random design of dots all over the piece of glass. This can create a hypnotic design. If you are confident with your skills with the brush, then you can choose to use swirls and circles also as a design for the glass that you are painting. If you want stencils, you can use masking tape to create circles, stick them on the reverse of the glass and then paint of them so you can create a design that looks more professionally done.

Abstract Art
Another popular design idea with beginners to glass painting is to create abstract art on the piece of glass that they are using. Create single lines with glass paint markers. If you are fond of graffiti, then choose to embellish the glass with words or phrases that mean something to use. You can also use different geometrical shapes like triangles, octagons, pentagons to create an interesting design on the piece of glass. While using geometrical designs, try to play around with the placement so that you create interesting patterns from staid elements.

Using Templates
Once you have familiarized yourself with basic elements of glass painting, you can try using different templates for the same. Templates need to be just kept on the underside of the glass piece and then etched onto the glass. You can use one of the glass painting design templates available in the market to create different glass paintings. Alternatively you can cut out designs from different books and magazines or make freehand paintings.

Using different designs and ideas to create stained glass artifacts can be a great project for the weekend. Just decide on the designs you like, get your supplies together, and you should be good to go.

Fascinatingly Interesting Facts About Green Soap

Rooted in Spain
Castile soap was one of the most primitive vegetable soaps. It has its origin in the Castile region of Spain, where soap was manufactured from olive oil.
With every passing day, our environment is becoming more polluted due to irreversible changes, resulting from the mindless actions on the part of humans. This rapid addition of pollutants to the environment is certainly taking a toll on mankind. Moreover, the tendency to manufacture things with high chemical content is again posing greater threats upon us. In today’s fast-paced world, we seldom think before making use of chemically obtained products, primarily because they provide us with instant results, and of course, they save us from the turmoil of undergoing a lengthy procedure to get their natural substitutes.

One of the most visible side-effects of choosing chemically obtained products is skin damage. Skin damage has wreaked havoc in perhaps everyone’s life at one time or the other. Soaps are part of daily-use by all and sundry. But, it’s pertinent to know about the substances that are used in imparting those catchy colors to the soaps, not to forget the enticing aroma they impart. These are all obtained from tough chemical procedures, which for sure result in harmful side-effects. So what can be the logical replacement for soaps. Well, one of the most effective replacement is green soap. It is called so because of its inherent biodegradable quality.

Knowing Green Soap
► At the very outset, it is worth mentioning that green soaps are not only safe for users, but also pose no threat to the environment. The USP of this soap is the ingredients from which it is made.
► Unlike the regular chemical soaps that we use, green soaps are manufactured from vegetable oils. Hence, they are also known as the vegetable oil soap. These soaps, along with the various types of oils used, also contain potassium or sodium hydroxides in order to maintain the glycerol levels in the soaps.
► Many soaps have animal fat in them, contrary to green soaps which have no animal fat content at all. It will be hard to believe that green soap doesn’t contain any dye in it. It is the sheer green color of the vegetables that are used which lends it its mild color. The colors can range in different hues, depending upon the type of vegetable oil used.
► Yet another noteworthy point to remember about this type of soap is that, it is biodegradable. This point alone should be enough for one to opt for this product, instead of the others.
► Green soaps are also prescribed to those who have complaints about skin irritations. It is also known for its healing and cleansing properties, which is why it is popular as a tattooist’s soap.

Green Soap for Tattoos
► There are many things where green soap is put to use. But its most astounding use is in the art of tattooing. Before the tattoo artist designs a piece of art on the body, it’s worthwhile to curb all the potential sources of infections during and after the process. Else, the pleasure of flaunting the marvel on the body would be scarred by infection.
► The preliminary step in the art of tattooing is to cleanse the area adequately so that there is no chance of any infection showing up later. The most trusted way of doing this is to use a green soap for the process.
► Green soap is first diluted with distilled water to make a solution that is applied on the area. It is important to dilute it, so that it is easier to wash off after application. Diluting it with water doesn’t bring about any change in the quality of the soap.
► It is used to get rid of the blood, waste ink, and soil from the skin.
► It is also used to sterilize the instruments used in tattooing. Needless to say, green soap is kind of indispensable as far as tattoo making is concerned.

Other Uses
► It is used to soak surgical instruments for the purpose of sterilization.

► It is also used to clean household items. It makes a good soap for the skin, and also as a hand wash and face wash. It is mild on the skin, and therefore, doesn’t leave the skin dry.

► Because of its utility as a great cleansing agent, green soap is a good substitute for shampoos.

► It also finds its use as a laundry soap, shaving soap, and even has proven its goodness when used for pets.
Green Soap Ingredients
Some of the key ingredients to make the green soap or tincture of green soap are:

► Oils (lavender, neem, olive, jojoba, coconut, palm)

► Lye (an alkaline solution – sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide)

► Glycerin

► Ethyl alcohol

To lessen the ill-effects of commercially made chemical-based soaps, you could start using green soap, and reap all its benefits without any worry of side effects.

Grim Reaper Tattoo Designs to Go Intense and Offbeat

Did You Know?
Kenyon Lee Martin, the famous American basketball player has a Grim Reaper tattoo on his left shoulder. In his tattoo, the reaper is holding a basketball. According to him, the tattoo signifies that he fears no one in the game and that, “Kenyon Martin is the place layups go to die”, as quoted by him in an interview with The Enquirer.
Death, especially the doubt whether there is life after death or not, remains a mystery that humanity keeps pondering about. Grim reaper tattoos are for people who have accepted death as a reality of life and respect it as the ultimate leveler. Personally, I have always been intrigued with this symbolism of the reaper as a messenger of impending doom and a manifestation of death itself. Today, tattoo designs featuring the death messenger have become increasingly popular among tattoo lovers who like to symbolize their beliefs through their body.

The grim reaper is always shown as a cloaked figure with a skull for a face, bony hands, and a scythe, with which he reaps the ‘harvest of souls’. This is one of the most primordial symbol of death. He is the very manifestation of the fear of doom. Since medieval times, this symbolism has been around in the collective human psyche. He is supposed to be the harbinger of death, who carries the souls of people and transports them to their ultimate destination, which is either hell, heaven, or a limbo.

13 Cool Grim Reaper Tattoo Designs Explained
The symbolism of this death merchant has equivalents in every culture and civilizations that arose on Earth. Tribal designs will be different from what symbolizes death in the European mythology. To me, at a certain level, as I understand it, the reaper is just doing his job and he is as helpless as we are. His grimness arises from the sorry job he is assigned, which includes liberating people from their earthly bondage, while he himself is bonded for eternity. The following tattoo designs will give you an idea of how this theme can look scary, cool, inspirational, offbeat, and amusing, all with a dash of creativity and tattooing techniques.

Female Grim Reaper with a Baby

There has always been a debate in terms of the gender of the Grim Reaper. While the figure has widely been accepted as a male one, there are some cultures where this psychopomp is considered to be a female. For instance, in Poland, death is symbolized as an old skeletal woman, whose appearance is quite similar to that of the traditional Grim Reaper. The word they use for death is a female word Śmierć. The design shown above is an unusual depiction of the femininity of this death symbol, as she holds a baby Grim Reaper.

A Reminder Tattoo on Wrist

A tattoo on the wrist generally acts as a constant reminder, especially during times that make you ‘look down’. This tattoo theme is one among the few themes that can be designed in varied sizes, big or small. If you look at this particular tattoo, the bold black strokes with artistically written words, “Memento Mori”, which means, “Remember that you will die” or “Remember that you are mortal”, act as a reminder that we are mortals at the end of the day, and each day of life is a blessing that we should make the most of.

… With an Hourglass and Scythe

Traditionally, a Grim Reaper is symbolized carrying a scythe which he uses to harvest the souls of mortals whose time is up on Earth. The hourglass incorporated in the design is symbolic of our limited time on earth, and that in time, we will be accompanied by the reaper to reach our final destination―Heaven or hell. Many times, the hourglass is also replaced with a clock. You can also do your own changes and get the scythe replaced by a machine gun, or any other weapon that is synonymous with your way if seeing death.

A Colorful-yet-dark Look

Colored tattoos, especially those with the watercolor effect are in vogue these days. Why not use this tattoo technique for this theme? I mean, death needn’t be colorless for every eye, everyone sees it in a different way and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it indeed has different shades to it. The tattoo above wonderfully reflects the whole aura of death. It successfully reminds of a calamity or pestilence on a city, or perhaps the medieval plague that killed innumerable. It would be interesting for you to know that it was from this medieval plague that the origin of Grim Reaper came into existence.

The Horse Rider

The Bible mentions death as the fourth horse rider among the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The English Standard Version of the scripture describes death in the Book of Revelation (6:7-8): “When he opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, ‘Come!’ And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth.” While the scripture says that death rode a pale-green horse, the depiction of the Grim Reaper riding a black horse isn’t uncommon, as the color black represents the ‘Black Plague’. This tattoo gives this mysterious feel to the wearer, which truly is the nature of the rider named death. You never know when it may come riding swiftly on a horse and take you to the next level. Well, on a comical note, it is evident that it is not only a knight in shining armor, or a prince charming that comes riding on a horse; death too, may have the same style of arrival!

… What Glows in the Dark

A black figure that comes out in the darkness of night, wearing a dark black cloak …. With a look where all one can see is darkness, what stands out is the empty gaze of the Grim Reaper’s eyes, and the scythe that it caries along. This portrayal can work great for tattoos inked using the glow-in-the-dark technique. This design idea may also emphasize on the fact that no darkness is too dark to overshadow the presence of the reaper, or, in other words, death.

The Sporty-modern Touch!

I think this is an absolutely modernized version of the Grim Reaper who loves wheels instead of four legs! This design is perhaps an inspiration from the Ghost Rider, the flaming wheels of the vehicle (which was a bike in the movie) and the whole stunt-like look of the design is super cool in every way. A great option for those who love wheels!

The Vibrant Look of The Grim Reaper

What is absolutely lovable about this tattoo is the depiction of this dull, dark, and scary carrier of souls. This tattoo is apt for those who have accepted that death is a part of the cycle of life, and there is nothing to be grim about it. The complementing quote, “Done with the dull” seems like the bearer has given his/her view on life and death a new, refreshing, and colorful makeover. That’s what we all must do, stop being dull and monotonous and live life with full zest and vibrancy. And most importantly, stop seeing death as dark and negative. As a matter of fact, death is the door to a new beginning. We might as well try and look at the bright side of it.

The Grim Reaper’s Dance

Did you know that there is a late-medieval allegory known as Danse Macabre, which emphasizes on the fact that no matter where you come from, you may be a king, soldier, priest, or labor, at the end of it all, you have to let go of all the earthly possessions and fame and dance with death? In this tattoo, this meaning is symbolized somewhat comically, with a cartoon-ish depiction of the Grim Reaper along with some musical notes and a humble request to dance.

… With Lantern on a Boat

According to legend and folklore, it is the Grim Reaper’s job to take the souls from the world of the living and carry them on a boat to the river that separates the world of the living from the world of the dead. It is also said that this conductor needs to be given a price for this task, or else the souls are left in the middle of nowhere, wandering in limbo with no access to enter the afterlife. This tattoo is a reminder of this journey we must take after our spirit leaves the flesh.

… Grim Reaper with Wings

The Grim Reaper is often called the Angel of Death. This name is what leads to the depiction of this psychopomp with huge black wings. Alternately, this design can also depict Satan, also known as ‘The fallen angel’ who is known for bringing evil and death into this world.

… With a Tattered Effect

Such tattoos depict the roughness of a message quite efficaciously with the tattered look. Even if we let alone the design or the theme, the effect itself is enough to make it look totally awesome and intense when it comes to its overall appeal. Another symbolism of this effect combined with this tattoo could be this: We all have the fear of death within us. And, at one time or the other, this fear crops up from within, making us feel all the more vulnerable and perturbed. The evil smile and the stretching out of the hands make it seem as if this fear is calling us towards it. Can we overcome?

The Time to Face Death

A personal favorite, this design is simply phenomenal when it comes to depicting the very moment when we face death. The creative infusion of the elements―A clock, human face, and the Grim Reaper―remarkably portrays this inevitable time in everyone’s life. In fact, this tattoo could be just ideal for those who have faced death and managed to get a second chance with life.

These are just the few among the innumerable ideas that can be formulated using this theme, each having a unique meaning to it, depending upon the way it has been portrayed and the elements that have been used. However, we would like to caution those who wish to sport this theme. Many people view it as a negative tattoo, perhaps associating it with Satanic cults and practices. Therefore, make sure that you work with a good tattoo artist, who successfully perceives your ideas, and composes them in a manner that clearly reflects the message behind your Grim Reaper tattoo. All the best!

Tattoo Design Ideas

What’s in a name?
Your favorite characters from the series may have had a different name altogether: Hermione Puckle, Neville Puff, Draco Spinks, Lily Moon, Madhari Patil, and Mati Patil.
The journey we all embarked along with Harry Potter is irreplaceable. We didn’t just become Potterheads, but also lived our lives vicariously through all the different characters. The world of magic became our world, and Hogwarts felt like home. For HP fans all across the world, being this involved wasn’t a matter of obsession; it was a necessity.

So, why not channelize the desire to carry on the legacy of our beloved story? By getting a HP tattoo, you’re not only proclaiming your love and affection for the series, but are also immortalizing it. With hundreds of tattoo designs and ideas to choose from, we thought about giving you inspiration to get one for yourself. Here are 13 amazing tattoo designs for Harry Potter fans.
Cool Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas
It may seem next to impossible to narrow down your options of getting the tattoo. But remember, whichever design you choose, the story we love will live on you forever.
Hogwarts Crest Tattoo

Harry Potter Tattoos on Fingers

Harry Potter Quotes Tattoos

Harry Potter Phoenix Bird and Gryffindor Crest Tattoo on Ribs

Harry Potter Spells Tattoos

Snitch Tattoo on Calf

Harry Potter ‘Always’ Tattoos

Harry Potter Logo Tattoo on Shoulder Blade

Deathly Hallows Tattoos

Hedwig Tattoo on Thigh

Platform 9 ¾ Tattoos

Harry Potter Flying Key Tattoo on Sleeve

Harry Potter Scar Tattoos

Now that we have the design ideas in order, let’s quickly go over some important tips for when you do get it done:

  • Find an experienced and licensed tattoo artist.
  • Know what kind of a tattoo you want, and don’t seem unsure when you’re at the parlor.
  • Don’t haggle about the price. If the artist is truly talented, you should want to pay for it.
  • Prepare yourself mentally, wear clean clothes, eat a good meal before you go to get the tattoo, and do not be drunk.
  • If you do bring someone with you, for moral support, make sure the friend is quiet; it’s really distracting for the artist.
  • Yes, getting a tattoo is painful, especially when you’re getting one with a lot of nerves.
    Be original with your tattoo.

Through J.K. Rowling’s storytelling, she let us into the world of Harry Potter, making it the cornerstone of many of our childhoods. The books have taught us that there is always somewhere we can go, a place we love, and where we can be safe. And if the books can have such an impact on us, imagine what the tattoos can do. Wherever you are, if you’ve got that tattoo inked, you’ve got a place where you can go and be happy.